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Mobile Workforce Centers

Mobile Workforce Centers

The Arkansas Division of Workforce Services has a fantastic resource to meet Arkansans’ workforce needs. ADWS’s Rapid Response Program operates five Mobile Workforce Centers and four “mini” Mobile Workforce Centers. Each Mobile Workforce Center has full internet connectivity and is equipped with computers, printers, copiers, and helpful staff. All the Mobile Workforce Centers include a computer with access to Jobs Application with Speech (JAWS) software, and most mobile units are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

  • Nine (9) Mobile Workforce Centers
    • Five large units (four RVs, one trailer)
    • Four “mini” Mobile Workforce Centers
  • Full internet connectivity
  • Equipped with computers, printers, copiers, and helpful staff
  • Jobs Application with Speech (JAWS) software
  • Accessible to individuals with disabilities

Utilization of Mobile Workforce Centers

Increase Access to Services

The utilization of Mobile Workforce Centers was born out of a goal to ensure communities had access to Workforce Centers and ADWS services. Arkansas currently has 26 brick-and-mortar Centers, but the units are taken to the rural areas across the state so individuals can more easily access workforce services like job search and application assistance, Arkansas JobLink (AJL) registration, resume creation, and help with unemployment insurance claims. The Mobile Workforce Centers have established an awesome reputation of support throughout the state and are frequently in demand to serve the communities of Arkansas.

Dislocated Worker Assistance

When a company is downsizing or closing, the Rapid Response Team can provide information and connections to various services and programs to assist workers during their transition. When there is time to provide expanded services for workers, the Mobile Workforce Centers are brought in for on-site assistance at job fairs or transition centers. The RESEA program has also worked to have the units provide job readiness training.

Support Reentry Activities

The units also support reentry activities by assisting individuals who are still incarcerated, recently released, or within 30 days of release. The units help with AJL information and registration, job search, resume creation, mock interviews, and information on careers and small businesses. For individuals who are 30 days to release, a Quick Guide provides a snapshot of how much preparation is needed to take the Career Readiness Certification assessment and if there is a need for additional help through the Key Train modules or a referral to Adult Education.

Job Fairs and Events

The Mobile Workforce Centers are often requested for job fairs, hiring events, conferences, and other events so attendees can receive and/or learn more about ADWS services. Training sessions, interviews, workshops, and assessments have also been held on the mobile units.

Request a Mobile Workforce Center

Request a Mobile Workforce Center by completing and submitting our online form. Click the button below to fill out and submit the form, and we’ll be in touch soon after we receive your submission!

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ADWS provides interpretation and translation services, at no cost, for clients who need assistance in accessing and participating in available services and programs. To request an interpreter or translator, please contact your nearest local office. 

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ADWS proporciona servicios de interpretación y traducción, sin costo alguno, para clientes que necesitan asistencia accediendo y participando en servicios y programas disponibles. Para solicitar un intérprete o traductor, por favor póngase en contacto con su oficina local más cercana.

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