A Veteran’s Success Story

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A Veteran’s Success Story

After a reduction in force, veteran Dale Olivo finds success at Workforce Services

Lieutenant Colonel Dale Olivo

When U.S. Air Force Veteran, Lieutenant Colonel Dale Olivo, was laid off as part of a reduction in force, he decided to visit the Searcy Arkansas Workforce Center.  He was seeking unemployment benefits when he arrived, but he left with much more.

At the Searcy Workforce Center, Mr. Olivo met with Veterans Representative, Ms. Tina Smith.  Ms. Smith helped him register for E-Benefits and set up an account in Arkansas JobLink so he could begin his job search. Together, they worked on his resume and established short-term and long-term goals. Mr. Olivo wanted a career change, and after discussing options with Ms. Smith, he expressed interest in public service. It was then that Ms. Smith presented him with an opportunity to work for the Arkansas Division of Workforce Services as a Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) Specialist at the Arkansas Workforce Center in Conway. Mr. Olivo wanted to know more, so Ms. Smith explained the program and the role of the DVOP. Not long after, he applied for the job online, interviewed, and got the position.

Mr. Olivo stated, “I like interacting with our veterans, and it’s humbling to recognize that each veteran has different challenges.”

“I like interacting with our veterans and it’s humbling to recognize that each veteran has different challenges.”

– Lieutenant Colonel Dale Olivo, U.S. Air Force Veteran, Disabled Veterans Outreach Program Specialist, Arkansas Division of Workforce Services, Conway Workforce Center

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