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Unemployment Insurance and the Federal Economic Stimulus Legislation

The federal economic stimulus legislation involves three major changes:
  • An extension to EUC 08 - Emergency Unemployment Compensation
  • $25 weekly stimulus payments
  • Waiver of federal income tax on the first $2400 of benefits received during 2009

EUC 08 Extension

The original EUC 08 program was scheduled to end March 31, 2009, for filing claims with a last possible payment date of August 29, 2009. The stimulus legislation extended that time period to claims filed through the week ending December 26, 2009 with the last possible payment date being the week ending June 5, 2010.

$25 Weekly Stimulus Payments

  • $25 will be paid to anyone who is eligible for a UI, EUC 08, TRA, EB, or DUA payment for a week.
  • NO CLAIM OR OTHER ACTION WILL NEED TO BE TAKEN TO TRIGGER THE $25 PAYMENT-your regular weekly claim for benefits will trigger the payment.
  • The payment will be separate from the regular UI, EUC, TRA, EB, or DUA payment.
  • The payment will be issued in the same manner as the regular payment - such as debit card or check.
  • The $25 payments will apply to weeks beginning February 28, 2009 for claims already filed. Those payments initiated before December 31st will continue for the life of the claim or to July 3, 2010, whichever comes first.
  • EB and DUA will also receive stimulus payments should either trigger on
  • Federal income tax will be withheld in the amount of $2 if income tax is withheld from regular payments
  • Stimulus payments must be reported as income when filing federal income tax and will be included on the 1099G.

Waiver of Federal Income Tax

The stimulus legislation provides that no federal income tax will apply to the first $2400 of benefits paid during 2009. The tax waiver is good for 2009 only. If you elect to have DWS withhold taxes, taxes will be withheld on all benefits paid-including the first $2400 paid during 2009.
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